Best earphones under 1000

5 Best Earphones under Rs 1000 in India (December 2020)

Listening music,podcast or an audio book offers a great “me” time. To enhance the experience, Earphones and Headphones create a feeling of more relaxation and make our experience more enjoyable.

People nowadays wear earphones while working to avoid distraction and get down to work. Earphones basically prevent interruptions while providing you a private environment.

Comfort,Build Quality,Sound Quality matters the most when buying an earphone.

Some people like Bass music and some people like Soft music and the kind of music you like,you should get the same type of earphones.

But it requires a lot of time to research and test to find out which earphone is best for you. But to save your time, We’ve prepared a list of Top 5 earphones to buy if you’re budget is under Rs.1000

1)SONY EX14AP (Wired Earphones)
Sony ex14ap earphones

These Sony earphones comes with Crystal clear sound. Sony always nailed in Sound quality and to compete in earphones market under Rs. 1000 segment they introduced SONY EX14AP.

Build Quality

Build quality of these earphones is average. Looking wise it is quite decent although wire is not tangle free.

Sound Quality

Sound on these earphones is very balanced. Although don’t expect high bass but overall sound quality is great you will love listening anything in this.

Pros and Cons
  • Good build quality
  • Clear sound
  • Mic in earphone
  • Lightweight
  • No deep bass


If you’re a bass lover than this might not be the best earphone but if you want an all-round performance from a good brand than go with SONY EX14AP.

Also Consider-Sony MDR EX155AP

2) Sennheiser CX180 and CX213

Sennheiser CX180

This is most balanced earphones in terms of bass,vocals,build quality under 1000 Rs. Although these earphones have very good sound quality but doesn’t have a mic.

Build Quality
These are one of the few Earphones which are durable and long lasting. But obviously that doesn’t mean that you can use it very roughly and also the wire is not tangle free.

Sound quality

So If you want a best earphones to listen music then I will highly recommend you these. The sound is absolutely Crystal clear you won’t miss a single component and also bass in these earphones is more enjoyable at low, medium volume.

Pros and Cons
  • Great voice quality
  • Durable earphones
  • Clear sound
  • Good build quality
  • No mic


If you want an earphone just to listen music or other listening purpose then these earphones are one of the best.
But also you should keep a thing in mind that these earphones doesn’t have a mic attached.

Also Consider – Sennheiser CX213

3) JBL C100si

Jbl c100si

JBL C100si is budget friendly and good quality earphone from the house of JBL.
JBL is a Quality Marker when it comes to Audio equipments and JBL does it’s job brilliantly when making JBL C100si considering it’s price point.

Build Quality

The build quality of JBL C100si is not that good. It is quite ordinary in appearance. Its wire is thick and round and has rubber earbuds so that it will fit easily in your ears.
And if you want the build quality to be good, then you can go with Jbl T110 in which you will also get a tangle free and flat wire.

Sound quality

So this is where JBL C100si does wonders. Its sound quality is surprisingly quite good. If customized properly in EQ it can give you great bass!
In terms of sound quality, JBL C100si is slightly better than JBL T110 by some margin especially in the case of bass.

Pros and Cons
  • Clear voice
  • Lightweight
  • Good bass
  • Comfortable to wear
  • No volume control button


The JBL c100 is a very good earphones if we talk about its sound quality and bass, it comfortably surpasses the JBL T110 in terms of Audio.

However, its build quality is not as good as JBL T110 but definitely does it work.

This is very comfortable to wear and its design is also quite modern and definitely Under 1000 this will be a very good choice.

Also Consider – JBL C200si

4) Realme Buds 2Realme buds 2

Realme Buds 2 is quite a great earphone when it comes to build quality and audio. To connect with a compatible device Realme Buds 2 comes with 3.5mm jack and there is three button with microphone attached with wire.

Build Quality

Build quality of Realme Buds 2 is by far is the best in segment. They are quite good looking earphones with an attached mic. There are magnets at the back of earbuds which let it stick together when you’re not using them.

Sound Quality

The sound is clean and comfortable to listen although it can go very loud.
Bass on these earphones is good enough but when listening in low volume can make sometime bass disappear.
But you can use them while gaming as eartips is of silicone that can let you wear them 2-6 hrs straight without any problem.

Pros and Cons
  • Excellent built
  • Good sound quality overall
  • Bass is really good
  • Comfortable and premium looking
  • Too much bass


If you want an earphone for gaming and to take calls with good build quality and mic than you can go for them.
They are really easy to fit and can provide you heavy bass which sometime feels too much but overall this is a great product.

Also Consider – Mi Dual Driver Earphones

5)Boat Bassheads 225Boat bassheads 225

A Great product in this price range.
Performance of these earphones is great if you like boomy music there’s no comparison with Boat bassheads 225 if you want an earphone with good bass.
Although vocals are not that clear comparing with other products in this price range.

Build Quality

Earpiece is bulky to fit in ears and also the wire is bit long but overall they look decent and has metal finish.
So built quality overall is decent.

Sound Quality

If you’re a bass lover than there’s no other earphones can compete with them in this price point but vocals are not that great especially in higher volume.
But overall,Sound quality is good.

Pros and Cons
  • Really awesome bass
  • Tangle free cable
  • Gold plated jack
  • Good quality wire
  • Heavy in weight

It you want an earphone to listen heavy bass music than this will be a great option but when considering overall sound quality, it’s just above average.

Also Consider – Boat bassheads 242

This is our list of best earphones under 1000. We’ve tried our best to serve you the best results.

We have given you an alternate of every earphone in “Also Consider” section. Check them also before ordering.

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If you’ve any query regarding this,than please let us know in comments.

We will try our best to solve it in minimum amount of time



2) Sennheiser CX180 and CX213

3)JBL C100si and C200si

4)Realme buds 2

5)Boat Bassheads 225


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